Reformation and Counter-Reformation

In addition to the Greek, Polyglot, and European vernacular Bibles of the Reformation, Special Collections holds approximately 5,000 sixteenth-century Reformation imprints.  These works include Reformation theology and polemics, scriptural study, more than 100 first editions of sermons and pamphlets by Martin Luther, early confessional literature of the Lutheran, Anglican, and Reformed churches, and important Counter-Reformation publications pertaining specifically to the Reformation movements.

Active collecting interests:

  • Primary authors: Jean Calvin, Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon, Ulrich Zwingli.  
  • Additional authors: Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt, Johannes Brenz, Martin Bucer, Johannes Bugenhagen, Johannes Cochlaeus, Johannes Cogelerus, Thomas Cranmer, Johann Eck, Hieronymus Emser, Argula von Grumbach, Henry VIII, Richard Hooker, William Laud, Nicolaus von Amsdorff, Matthew Parker, Johannes Sleidanus.
  • Texts and genres: Bibles, catechisms, liturgies, hymnals.  Early Protestant pamphlets, sermons, Biblical commentaries, and other publications documenting Reformation and Counter-Reformation movements, debates, and controversies.  Publications related to the following are of interest:  Diet of Worms, Diet of Augsburg, Augsburg Confession, Magdeburg Confession, Leipzig Disputation, Bern Disputation, Marburg Colloquy, Council of Trent.  Relevant papal and Roman Catholic Church publications.
  • Chronological scope: Focusing on the sixteenth century for the Continent and the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries for England, when possible works printed during the lifetime of the author.
  • Geographic scope: England and Europe.
  • Physical features: Contemporary or early bindings and provenance; annotations, additions, and other evidence of contemporary or early ownership and use; printed illustrations; printed commentaries, notes, and other scholarly apparatus.

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