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Teaching Topics

Teaching Topics

Throughout the year, CTE offers a series of timely programs open to the entire SMU teaching community.  Topics range from the theoretical to the practical, from time-tested to ripped from the headlines.  The programs are presented by recognized experts from within the SMU faculty, and are designed to foster discussion about teaching and learning issues.  Watch your email for announcements and opportunities to register.

Road to Tenure

HELD: Tuesday, October 7, 2014
3:30 – 4:50
120 Clements Building

SMU’s tenure policy provides that "tenure should be awarded only to those who are outstanding in either teaching or research . . . and whose performance in the other is of high quality." Departments and schools have policies that supplement these standards, but it is always clear that both teaching and research must be strong before tenure will be awarded.  This program provides information about tenure standards and processes.  It also shares important time management advice to help you be sure that short term deadlines don’t overwhelm longer term requirements for excellence in research as well as teaching.

Presenters: Wayne Woodward, Chair, Department of Statistical Science
Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor
Michael Harris, CTE Director & Associate Professor of Higher Education

Panelists: Carrie La Ferle (Meadows), Jill Allor (Simmons), Volkan Otugen (Lyle), and Brandy Stigler (Dedman) 

Why Attend CTE Programs?

Sheila Somebody and Bob Bombast consider the options in the exclusive video, CTE: No Excuses.