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  • CTE programs, services, and web resources offer research-based ideas for course design, teaching techniques and assessment tools for all university educators.
  • Guide junior faculty to success. CTE’s Peer Feedback Program offers one-on-one observation and support, while other programs provide guidance for mentoring within departments.
  • CTE offers programs specifically designed for new faculty, beginning with the Teaching Effectiveness Symposium and continuing with the New Faculty Teaching Excellence.
  • Robert Krout, Professor of Music and Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor, is “sensitive to diversity, supportive and caring of all students but still demands high standards of work and personal behavior,” according to Dean Jose’ Bowen. Students rise to the challenge and come back for more.
  • Join a Faculty Learning Community – a small group of faculty members from across the university who meet together to study, contemplate, and implement innovative teaching methods in a particular context, all in an atmosphere that encourages deep thought and mutual trust.
  • Experience the energy generated by active student engagement. CTE’s Teaching Resources website provides ideas.

Spring Programs

Showcase Your Teaching:
Beyond Student Evaluations

April 23rd, 3:30 - 4:50
Simmons 208

In September's workshop, "The Raw Materials of Excellent Teaching: Collecting Evidence, Getting Early Feedback", we talked about the kinds of raw materials and artifacts that you can use to display your teaching strengths. This closing NFTE workshop will introduce strategies to help you organize and present those artifacts to effectively construct the teaching portion of your professional portfolio. Attendance at the September session is not required, because the session will provide multiple examples.

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SPARKS! You Light Up My Brain
Teaching Awards & Celebration

The Hilltop shines from the glow of outstanding teachers who spark students’ imaginations every day. From light-bulb moments, flashes of insight, bursts of enlightenment, to exploding minds, inspiration occurs at SMU thanks to instructors who care about teaching.

The program is over, but check out this slideshow to see ShoutOut tributes from students and a list of the many SMU faculty members who were recognized for their contributions to teaching.

NFTE Achievers

The New Faculty Teaching Excellence Program helps equip those new to full-time teaching to succeed.   Congratulations to the sixteen new faculty members who are working toward a NFTE Certificate of Achievement through their attendance at programs, classroom observations, and working on ways to demonstrate their thoughtful & effective teaching.  There's just one more NFTE workshop coming up this spring:

Support for Department Chairs

Want a presentation on teaching to come to you? CTE offers Micro-Workshops that you can incorporate easily into a department meeting or other gathering. Give us a short time at a faculty meeting and we'll teach faculty members some efficient and effective teaching tools. Contact us to discuss what might be helpful for your department. 

What's New

LastDayMake the Last Day Count

We're all coming up on the last day of classes.  There's the temptation to use it to cram in all the material we're behind on. Or use it for housekeeping and administrative matters.  But here are some ideas to make it meaningful: perhaps to bookend course content, help students transfer knowledge to their next course, get some informal feedback, or just celebrate the community that has developed in your classroom.

Exams And Get Ready for Finals

With the last day of class upon us, can exams be far behind? For many of us, constructing and grading exams is our last favorite part of teaching.  So it can be helpful to have a reminder of the purpose grades can serve, not to mention techniques for making grading more efficient.  Here are more resources on testing from the CTE website

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CTE One-on-One

Want to improve your teaching? Sign up for CTE's Peer Feedback Program -- confidential consultation, observation, feedback, and suggestions on classroom teaching. Or request an individual consultation on teaching issues such as developing syllabi, generating creative assignments, revising learning objectives, or developing rubrics.



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