Discover Paradise

Gain Lifelong Friends

Be a part of an intimate and lively community.

Four SMU-in-Taos students spell out TAOS with their bodies

“The aspect of Taos that I found most enjoyable was the overall environment of the campus. It was possible to easily interact with professors over a shared meal or a run down the mountain. Camaraderie between all students and faculty was easily built. This resulted in an experience that was far less formal and more easily attuned to meaningful and thoughtful conversations.”

Andrew Timmins, Jan 2016

“I made some lifetime friends at Taos and absolutely adored trying new things with the amazing people there.”

anonymous, Jan term 2016


Students listen to an SMU-in-Taos professor as they hold class on the patio of a casita.

“I gained invaluable interactions with the people that live and work here which contributed to my learning.” 

Student from May 2023

“A sense of great community that I was not able to find on our Dallas campus”

Student from May 2023

Group of Taos students gathered on a mountain as the sun sets in the distance.

Gain Treasured Memories

There are endless opportunities to explore out in 423 acres of paradise in beautiful Taos, New Mexico.

“The small group size makes for a tight knit community, and everyone hangs out and plays games in the dining hall, creating an incredible atmosphere at Taos that you are hard pressed to find anywhere else.”

Joshua Lauer, January 2016

A group of SMU-in-Taos students gather at the Wolf Creek Pass, Continental Divide marker

“I have absolutely loved my time here! I have been able to meet people I probably would not have crossed paths with unless I came here. I got to experience so much of the Taos/NM culture and explore and immerse myself in nature.”

student from Jan 2023

“I had such a great time I would have never done these activities otherwise and I was able to do them with friends!”

Student from May 2023

SMU-in-Taos student Tabitha Wolfe in Taos, New Mexico.

“I learned from my experience that it is good to go outside of your comfort zone and sign up for things that seem a bit intimidating such as going to Taos, because the benefits can be extraordinary.”

Tabitha Wolfe, May 2023