Enigma: The Lost Words of Atlantis (Early Access)

The Enigma game is under development so updates will be published in the Google Play Store as we continue to include additional content and features. Enigma is only available in Android format at this time, but we are planning to release an iOS version in 2022.

Available on Google Play Store


In the game Enigma: The Lost Words of Atlantis, the player is an adventurer who travels around the world experiencing new cultures and history. The player must uncover the secrets of Atlantis by visiting new locations around the world, where they find artifacts and relics that they use to decode the cryptic language of Atlantean into English. It is an interactive, engaging story that is both fun and grounded in Learning Science.

Players harness the power of their Codex, an ancient Atlantean device, to decode the symbols they find in ancient relics and convert them into English. The video below shows an example of this gameplay, breaking down a word into its onset and rime, a technique often found in literacy curriculum.

Low-Literate English Language Learners (ELL) Pilot Study

All participants in the 8-week pilot study showed an increase from their pre to post CASAS testing, with 60% showing more than a 10-point increase.

Applied Cognitive Load Theory and Difficulty Analysis

The Enigma game uses Applied Cognitive Load Theory and Difficulty Analysis to transform baseline learning activities to a game-based learning methodology that increases player engagement and learning.

Gameplay Video

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