Children at West Dallas STEM School using tablets to build a tower for a geometry project during a visit with Toyota USA Foundation and SMU's Simmons School of Education and Human Development.Family Learning Hub

The Family Learning Hub is an educational space for the parents of West Dallas STEM School students to grow in their knowledge of how to support STEM education at home and beyond. Through workshops and resources provided by local experts, we empower parents to foster ongoing STEM learning outside the classroom.

The School Zone

A collaborative workshop event led by The Budd Center, uniting non-profits, schools, and community leaders in West Dallas.

The School Zone is a collaborative led by The Budd Center, comprised of non-profits that serve West Dallas, local public, private and charter schools, and community leaders. Together, we convene to strategize how to leverage our collective strengths to support students and families in West Dallas. Our close partnerships with school leaders, coupled with a shared commitment to student success, drive our collaborative efforts. By learning from and with one another, we aim to create a supportive educational ecosystem where every child can thrive.

The Parent Zone

Two people discussing in an office at The Parent Zone, a space for parents in West Dallas to engage in enriching conversations and activities.

The Parent Zone offers an inclusive space for parents in West Dallas to come together and engage in enriching discussions and activities. In collaboration with non-profit partners and other stakeholders, we create engaging content and facilitate collaborative conversations aimed at empowering parents to better support their children attending West Dallas schools. Through accessible and educational events, we meet parents where they are, providing them with valuable tools and knowledge to foster their children's success.