EDU 6325. Educating the Gifted and Talented
This course includes surveys of the history of the field, basic terminology and definitions, major models and theories, and effective program prototypes for gifted students. Students review characteristics of the gifted and talented and overview identification and assessment procedures for gifted students. Attention is given to analyzing the traits of effective teachers and counselors and to developing models for interaction with gifted students.

EDU 6388. Curriculum Development For Gifted And Talented Learners
This course builds the foundation for development of differentiated curricula for the gifted.  Students study effective teaching strategies, learn how to adapt curriculum for individual differences, study the organization of curriculum and instruction for the gifted (scope and sequence, issues related to integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum, and grouping issues). Emphasis is placed on the teaching of higher-level cognitive skills within the disciplines.

EDU 6397. Growth and Development of the Gifted
This course examines the differentiated affective characteristics and needs of the gifted, including a review of general counseling theories, effective communication skills with the gifted, and the assessment of affective needs. Students will develop strategies for assisting the gifted and developing social and interpersonal skills. Issues surrounding the potential of the gifted to achieve and make significant contributions to society as a whole are reviewed.