Welcome to the Intelligent Systems and Bias Lab

Automated intelligent systems are increasingly prevalent in our society. The outcomes of those systems have the potential to impact people’s lives on a daily basis. Therefore, it is critical to understand how these systems perform for a global population who will interact with them on a daily basis. It’s also vital, and increasingly mandatory, that developers of these systems perform their due diligence to document performance and mitigate any associated biases.  These procedures lead to safer and more stable software systems. 

Founded in 2022, the Intelligent Systems and Bias Examination Lab (ISaBEL) is a partnership between the foremost commercial developers of artificial intelligence systems and the leading scientists, faculty, and students at SMU. The goal of the lab is to understand and mitigate bias in AI systems using the latest research, standards, and other peer reviewed scientific studies.  Pangiam, a global leader in artificial intelligence, is the first industry partner of ISaBEL.  Please visit Pangiam for more information.