Dedman College of Humanities & Sciences Dean Search

On January 22, 2024, Provost Elizabeth G. Loboa announced the formation of a search committee to recommend candidates for service as the next Elisabeth Martin Armstrong Dean of the Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences.

The search committee welcomes support and feedback. To nominate prospective candidates or to ask questions of the committee, send an email to Chuck O'Boyle, who has been retained as executive search consultant.

Dedman College Dean Position Description

Long-form Position description (PDF)

Short-form Position description (PDF)


Search Committee Members

Robin Poston, Committee Chair
Associate Provost for Graduate Education; Dean of the Moody School of Advanced and Graduate Studies 

Juliana Antonio
Graduate Student, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Ph.D. Program

Elizabeth (Liz) Armstrong
Member, Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences Executive Board

Stephen Arrowsmith
Hamilton Chair in Earth Sciences, Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences

Amy Brewster
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Karisa Cloward
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science; Ruth Collins Altshuler Director, Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute

Lily Derr
Undergraduate student, majoring in Math, Political Science and Public Policy; Student Representative, Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees

Klaus Desmet
Ruth and Kenneth Altshuler Centennial Interdisciplinary Professor, Department of Economics

Carol Dickson-Carr
Professor of Practice, Department of English

Christopher Gonzalez
Jacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Endowed Chair, Department of English; Director of Graduate Studies, Dedman College

Dan Heitjan
Chair, Department of Statistics and Data Science; Director of the Biostatistics Program

Paula Jewell
Assistant Vice President, School and Project Development, Office of Development and External Affairs

Kim Konkel
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Recruiting and Communications

Chrystyna Kouros
Associate Professor and Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Psychology

LaiYee Leong
Distinguished Fellow at the Center for Presidential History; Lecturer, Department of Political Science

Devin Matthews
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

David Meltzer
Henderson-Morrison Professor of Prehistory, Department of Anthropology

Connie O'Neill
Member, Full Board of Trustees; Chair, Academic Affairs Committee

Dayna Oscherwitz
Associate Provost for Institutional Planning and Assessment; Professor of French, Department of World Languages and Literatures

Herve Tchumkam
Professor of French, Department of World Languages and Literatures