Policy number: 9.5

Policy section: Police & Public Safety

Revised Date: December 11, 2023

1.  Policy Statement

To the fullest extent of federal and state law, the University prohibits the possession of any dangerous weapon, or facsimiles of dangerous weapons, (either openly or in a concealed manner) within all University property, athletic venues, SMU-owned or leased passenger transportation vehicles, and any grounds or building on which University activities are conducted.  This policy applies to all SMU students, faculty, staff members, contractors and visitors.

2.  The Weapons

These items include but are not limited to:

  1. Firearms, including, without limitation, rifles, shotguns, handguns, BB or pellet guns, compressed air guns, stun guns, blow guns, spear guns, paintball or airsoft guns,
  2. Clubs; including blackjacks, nightsticks, maces, axes, tomahawks,nunchucks or other martial arts weapons
  3. Knives, including, but not limited to:
    1. any knife with a blade over five and one-half inches;
    2. hand instrument designed to cut or stab another by being thrown, including “throwing stars”;
    3. daggers, including but not limited to: a dirk, stiletto, or poniard;
    4. bowie knife;
    5. butterfly knife
    6. sword; or
    7. spear.
  4. Explosives, including incendiary devices, bombs, grenades, rockets, or mines.
  5. Chemical dispensing devices (this does not include self-defense sprays legally sold over the counter an exclusively used for self-defense).
  6. Fireworks.
  7. Other dangerous weapons, especially those intended for warfare, combat or hunting.
  8. Cross bows, bows and arrows.
  9. Slingshots.
  10. Ammunition, including materials for making ammunition.
  11. Look-a-like facsimiles or toys; replicas or other objects that are made to look like actual weapons and could reasonably be mistaken by community members or police officers as actual weapons.
  12. weapons prohibited by Texas Penal Code Chapter 46 (which includes a variety of firearms, handguns, zip guns, clubs, knives, fake bombs, explosive weapons and components of explosives that are possessed with the intent to create an explosive weapon);
  13. Weapons or reasonable facsimiles of weapons used for pursuit and attack games, including but not limited to; Gotcha, Assassin, and Dungeons & Dragons, are not permitted on campus.

3.  Storage of Weapons

  1. The SMUPD does not provide storage of non-SMUPD firearms or other weapons.
  2. Student-owned sporting firearms or other weapons (including all BB and pellet guns) are the responsibility of the owner and must be stored at an appropriate location off campus.
  3. Persons licensed by the state to carry concealed handguns may not bring such weapons into any area not permitted by law, such as SMU buildings or residences (including the SMU Childcare Center,  Expressway Tower, East Campus, SMU-in-Taos campus, and any residences owned by SMU), and they should instead store their weapons in a secure manner that does not violate state law or this policy.

4.  Violations

Any violation of this policy is considered a serious offense, and will be dealt with accordingly by any or all of the following University offices:

  1. SMU Police Department
  2. SMU Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards
  3. Office of the Dean of Students
  4. Office of Residence Life and Student Housing
  5. Office of Human Resources

5.  Exceptions to this Policy

The only exceptions to this prohibition on possession or storage of weapons on any SMU campus or SMU-owned or controlled property are the following:

  1. State law (Texas Labor Code §52.061) permits employees (including SMU employees) who hold concealed handgun licenses and lawfully possess a firearm or ammunition, to store or transport the firearm or ammunition in a locked, privately owned vehicle in a parking lot, garage or other parking area that the employer provides to the employee. This permission extends only to employees and not to visitors or contractors; it pertains only to locked, privately owned vehicles in SMU parking facilities and does not extend to SMU-owned or leased vehicles.
  2. In addition, state law (Texas Government Code § 411.2032) permits persons who hold concealed handgun licenses (including enrolled SMU students) to store or transport firearms or ammunition in a locked, privately owned or leased vehicle located in SMU parking facilities or on campus streets or driveways.
  3. Commissioned law enforcement officers or military personnel in the performance of their official duties, to the extent they are legally permitted to possess weapons in the cities of Dallas, University Park, and the town of Highland Park, and on college campuses.
  4. Props or Stage Weapons kept in designated and approved secure storage at the Meadows School of the Arts which are inventoried and certified as non-functioning by the SMU Police Department. Prior to any use of Props or Stage Weapons for SMU-sanctioned rehearsals and/or performances on the SMU campus, the user must:
    1. notify the SMU Chief of Police of the intended use and identify the Props or Stage Weapons to be used;
    2. must provide a list of the SMU students, staff, and/or faculty who will be using the Props and/or Stage Weapons, and,
    3. must immediately return the Props and/or Stage Weapons to designated and approved secure storage at the Meadows School of the Arts after each and every use – without exception.  Props and/or Stage Weapons may not be removed from the SMU campus, or temporarily stored in other campus locations.
  5. Exceptions permitted in writing by SMU’s Chief of Police.

Revised: December 11, 2023

Adopted: August 1, 2016