Policy number: 9.13

Policy section: Police & Public Safety

Revised Date: July 11, 2022

1.  Policy Statement

It is University policy to ensure that the University's campus and programs remain conducive to learning, working, researching, and serving the public. To that end, the University must remain free of unauthorized and uncontrolled canvassing, peddling, and/or soliciting. Therefore, only the charitable organization, the United Way and the University's Annual Fund Drive are approved for general, University-wide solicitation. No other University-wide canvassing, peddling, or solicitation is permitted on campus or through affiliation with the University, without prior written approval from the Vice President for Business and Finance, the Vice President for Development and External Affairs, and the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Revised: July 11, 2022

Adopted: May 4, 1998