Use of SMU Logos, Wordmarks and Brand Statements

Policy number: 5.9

Policy section: Development and External Affairs

Revised Date: December 14, 2020

1.  Definitions

Definitions of capitalized terms are set forth in Appendix A.

2.  Policy Statement

At the direction of the President, the Vice President for Development and External Affairs (“the Vice President”) and the Division of Development and External Affairs (“DEA”) will have authority for, in consultation with the Office of Legal Affairs, determining the design, application and use of Southern Methodist University Logos, Wordmarks and Brand Statements, for all purposes, institutional and commercial.

3.  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to coordinate the use of and protect the value of SMU’s Logos, Wordmarks and Brand Statements.

4.  Applicability

All faculty, students, staff, volunteers, and contractors are expected to comply with this policy.

5.  Licensing

The use of any trademark that identifies, or is associated with, SMU may not be used without the prior written authorization of The Vice President, or his/her designee. Commercial Items or Services bearing the University’s Logos, Wordmarks, or Brand Statements without proper written University authorization will be considered counterfeit and will be treated as a trademark infringement, subject to all available legal remedies, including, but not limited to, seizure of Commercial Items, injunctive relief, and monetary damages.

6.  Questions

Questions regarding this policy are to be directed to the Office of the Vice President.

7.  Department Administrative Rules, Procedures, and Guidelines

Development and External Affairs will create and maintain the SMU Brand Guidelines and other procedures related to this policy.

Appendix A: Definitions

“Brand Statement” refers to SMU’s current marketing statement or phrase or words used differentiate the University from other institutions and organizations.

“Commercial Items” refers to any items that incorporate SMU Logos, Wordmarks, or Brand Statements and are produced or provided for monetary benefit.

“Commercial Services” refers to any services that incorporate SMU Logos, Wordmarks, or Brand Statements and are provided for monetary benefit.

“Logo” refers to SMU’s logo image of Dallas Hall; the letters “S,” “M,” and “U,” when used together in SMU’s chosen font to indicate the University; and the use of logo and lettering together. “Logo” also refers the University’s athletic image of running mustang (Peruna) and the SMU letters in the Athletic font.

“Wordmark” refers to the combination of the letters “S,” “M,” and “U” in official font, alongside the name of an SMU School, Unit, Program, Department, etc.

Revised: December 14, 2020

Adopted: June 1, 1994