Student Organizations

Organized Interest Groups

Student Organizations meet on Wednesdays from 11:00 – 11:50 a.m.

Perkins is filled with students who are active in their church, community, and seminary. Students have the advantage of being a part of the Perkins Student Association (PSA), the governing student body at Perkins. PSA has elected student officers and appointed representatives who are interested in always making sure that Perkins is in touch with the needs of its student body.

The following interest groups are part of the Perkins Student Association: 

ARC (Affirming Religious Community) 
The mission of Affirming Religious Community is to provide social, educational, and theological opportunities with an affirming perspective on sexual orientation to Perkins students and their partners. Perkins students who express interest and comply with the ARC Safety Covenant may obtain membership.

BSA (Black Seminarians Association) 
The Black Seminarians Association is an ecumenical, interdisciplinary organization that addresses issues, concerns, and goals of students of African descent within Perkins School of Theology and the SMU Community.

FACE (Feminists Advocating Change and Empowerment)
Feminists Advocating Change and Empowerment (FACE) is a collective of Perkins students and community advocating for equality and empowerment socially, culturally, theologically, and politically in our school and communities. We strive to nurture conversations and challenge previously held beliefs about female/male relationships. We don't discriminate among sexes, genders, races, or beliefs; everyone can and should be a feminist--when we work together and foster positive relationships with each other, our world becomes a better and healthier place.

L@s Seminaristas
L@s Seminaristas is an ecumenical student organization dedicated to serving Christ by strengthening and encouraging student leadership. The group has a focused interest in various aspects of Latino/a ministry including Christian worship, preaching, outreach, evangelism, and mission.

OSL (Order of Saint Luke)
The Order of Saint Luke is a historically Wesleyan religious community dedicated to sacramental and liturgical scholarship, education and practice. Members are dispersed throughout the country, yet form community chapters devoted to liturgical and sacramental study and practice. Confessing and exploring members seek to live a sacramental life, based on the gospel of Jesus Christ and our Rule of Life and Service.


Information about these groups can be found on the bulletin boards, in the Perkins News, or by contacting Laura Figura in the Office of Student Life (214.768.3371, Kirby 216),