Advisory Panel on Sexual Harassment

In order to provide education and information that can facilitate the appropriate resolution of complaints of sexual harassment, Perkins School of Theology has established an Advisory Panel on Sexual Harassment. This Advisory Panel consists of nine members of the Perkins community, as follows: three members of the faculty or administration, three members of the staff (non-exempt) and three students. The members are appointed by the Dean upon recommendation of the Committee on Gender-Identity, Ethnic, Racial and Class and Cultural Concerns Committee and are chosen in order to best represent the various gender, ethnic and racial constituencies of the Perkins community. Faculty and staff members of the Panel normally serve for a three-year term. Student members can be appointed in their second year and serve for two or three years, depending on the length of their presence on campus. The chair of the Panel is selected by its members. The Panel will meet at least once each term.

The Panel accepts responsibility for informing itself about the issues related to sexual harassment through readings, attending workshops and consultation with experts on the issues. The Panel also is responsible for providing educational materials and presentations to the Perkins community and works with the Office of Institutional Access and Equity to keep the community informed as to any changes in SMU Policies and Procedures. The Panel does not hear cases or have the power to pursue resolution of complaints of sexual harassment. Cases and resolutions are appropriately taken to the Office of Institutional Access and Equity of the University.

Any member of the Perkins community can approach any member of the Panel for advice or information on these matters. See Appendix A for more information regarding SMU’s Sexual Misconduct Policies, Prevention, and Resources.

Community members can directly contact Samantha Thomas in the SMU Office of Institutional Access and Equity at 214-768-3601 or  The website for this office is Community members may also contact Dr. Cathey Soutter in the SMU Counseling Services at 214-768-4795 or The website for Counseling Services is