The Hispanic/Latin@ Ministries Program

The Hispanic/Latin@ Ministries Program was founded in 1974 to prepare church leaders with the knowledge and skills for effective ministry in Spanish-speaking and bilingual contexts and cultures. The program remains committed to recruiting, preparing and providing continuing education for people in ministry with Hispanics/Latin@s. It is at the heart of Perkins School of Theology’s leadership as a vibrant center of Hispanic/Latin@ theological thought and writing and a vital advocate before the general church with and in behalf of Hispanic/Latin@ congregations and ministries.

The Hispanic/Latin@ Ministries Program offers pastors and laity its short-term, intensive training programs through the Course of Study School in Spanish (Curso de Estudio); the United Methodist Local Pastors Licensing School in Spanish (Escuela de Licencia); continuing education events, symposia, consultations and lectures. Some of its academic program areas include oversight of the concentration in Hispanic studies and support of L@s Seminaristas, a student organization for Perkins students focused on ministry with Hispanics/Latin@s.

The program works closely with The United Methodist Church's National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry and MARCHA, the official Hispanic/Latin@ United Methodist caucus. The program publishes the quarterly journal Apuntes: Theological Reflections from the Hispano-Latino Context.

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Mission Statement

Equip and educate the church to engage Latino communities for mutual transformation. 

Vision Statement

Crossing borders for transformational ministry.