Who Can Attend?

Who Can Attend Course of Study?

1. Full and Part Time Local Pastors

  • Have completed licensing school
  • Under appointment (if not appointed has permission from DS and Registrar)


Certified Lay Ministers Policy

July 27, 2020

Certified Lay Ministers (CLMs) may enroll in Perkins Course of Study School (COSS) as special students based on a pilot project of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM). Course of Study is designed specifically to meet the theological education needs and requirements for certified local pastors.  It is available to CLMs with certain conditions delineated below in order to support their ministry needs.

CLMs may enroll in Perkins COSS only after they have completed the Board of Discipleship training for CLMs. CLMs need to submit the certificate of completion of CLM training as part of their Perkins COSS course registration. Additionally, they need to submit the same signature page in the COSS application and add the signature for their conference CLM director.

CLMs, like all COSS students, must take the following two courses before enrolling in any other courses: 121 Bible I: Introduction and 122 Theological Heritage I: Introduction.

Priority of enrollment in courses is given to local pastors. CLMs may enroll in courses if there is space available.

Even though CLMs are considered special students, they are expected to participate fully in their Course of Study, completing all assignments and requirements for the course.

The GBHEM maintains the transcripts and grades for courses taken by certified local pastors only. Perkins COSS will maintain the course records and grades for CLM students for courses taken at Perkins COSS. If a CLM becomes a certified local pastor after having taken courses at Perkins Course of Study School, Perkins COSS will send the grades for the student to the GBHEM. CLM students who take COS courses may need to take the same courses again if they become certified local pastors.