Details and Registration

Fall 2024

Event: Faith and Business Luncheon

Perkins’ Faith and Business Luncheon provides a forum for business professionals, laypersons, and community leaders to think about how personal faith and theology informs decisions. It gives those in attendance an opportunity to reflect critically on how theology influences a person’s life and work.

Featuring: Mr. Will Evans, award-winning publisher, writer, translator, bookstore owner, and literary arts advocate

Mr. Evans is founded Deep Vellum, a nonprofit publishing house and bookstore, dedicated to publishing the works by underrepresented writers and cultivating a lifelong love of reading through creative programming and outspoken advocacy for the literary arts. Evans' promotion of translated literature and contributions to the literary culture of Dallas have been widely recognized and celebrated.

WHEN: September 23, 2024

11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Perkins Prothro Great Hall, 5901 Bishop Blvd., Dallas