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Perkins School of Theology students planning to do internship in academic year 2023-24 begin the Placement Discernment Process by completing an application for internship. The deadline to apply for a 2023-24 internship is September 23, 2022.  

IMPORTANT: The Intern Program helps to provide the setting, supervision and resources for interns to learn and grow during internship. Ultimately, however, learning on internship is the student's own responsibility, beginning when the student enters the placement process by applying for internship.

The Intern faculty places numerous students in internships each year and works with many persons outside the school to make that happen. Therefore prospective interns need to respond promptly when contacted by the Intern faculty throughout the placement process. If an Intern faculty supervisor makes three attempts to contact a student using the information on the application and does not receive a timely response, that student's application will automatically be deferred until the following year. 

Before you begin:

The application is available online here.  Before you begin the application please later the following information, since you will be unable to save your entries and then return to finish it:

  • The exact address and telephone number of your church or agency where you are now serving, if you desire that setting to be your Internship Placement. 
  • For all Methodist denominational students, the Methodist district that you belong to and the Methodist district that your church belongs to.
  • For non-United Methodist students, the denominational representative that you report to (Presbyter, Executive Minister, Area Minister, etc.)
  • The name and telephone number of the CEO, pastor or district superintendent that you report to, if you are employed by a church or agency.
  • Have your Perkins course review handy to refer to as you will need to report courses taken and courses planned to take in the forthcoming academic year.
  • Know your enrollment date, re-entry date (if applicable), and planned date of graduation (semester and year).
  • Know your faculty advisor's name.

MDiv and MAM Application for 2023-24 Internship 

Important Dates for 2022-23 Internships

Postponement Form