What is MAST+?

Ministers // Artists // Scholars // Teachers // +

MAST+ is a program that allows students to better attend to the creative, multi-vocational nature of their interests and of life in seminary. MAST+ now ostensibly stands for “Ministers // Artists // Scholars // Teachers … And More.” As a one-year cohort, MAST+ will adapt to students’ needs and interests by expanding the notions of discernment and process in an intentional community of creative learners. The program will center around monthly meetings to discuss a theological idea, explore a creative project, and to establish a student direction of study, all while being supported by fellow members of the cohort. Essentially, MAST+ is less of a program and more of an intentional cohort that fosters discernment and helps develop a student’s creative process.

Program Schedule

 Orientation  August 18th, 2024
 Retreat (Off Campus)  September 7th - 10th, 2024
 Innovation Workshop  September (TBD)
 Fall Symposium  TBD
 Spring Chapel Service   TBD
 Spring Symposium  April (TBD)
 Final Retreat (Dallas)  May (TBD)

Frequently Asked Questions

An intentional cohort community of mentor-led, collaborative support that fosters creativity and allows students the space to discern their vocational calling. 
No, the MAST+ program covers the cost of transportation, lodging, and meals for participating students. 
Yes, you can! We invite you to apply the fall semester following your spring enrollment.
At this point, we are not opening MAST+ to students in the Hybrid program as in person presence is an important component of creative community. 
No, MAST+ expands to include the broader sense of the multi-vocational.
MAST+ provides students with a supportive community of creative, task-oriented colleagues, who will help you in your creative discernment.
Guide, support, and be your best advocate.