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Application Requirements

A limited number of incoming Perkins School of Theology master’s-degree students are accepted into the MAST+ program each year. This is to ensure the cohort remains in close community.

Students applying for MAST+ must:

  • be admitted to Perkins School of Theology in a master's degree program
  • be attending classes at the Dallas campus 
  • be in their first year of study at Perkins School of Theology

To complete the application, you are only required to submit the following two documents:

  1.  In no more than 2 pages (double spaced) explain why you would like to be part of MAST+ at Perkins
    School of Theology?

  2. Please provide a sample of your creative work-music, art, writing. It can be a short story, creative writing, a sample from your portfolio, and provide a short explanation of your creative work (½ - 1 page). 


Deadline for applying to MAST+ is Friday, August 4th, 2023. Priority consideration will be given to applications received by July 31. Selection of the cohort will be made by Friday, August 11th, 2023 and participants will sign a letter of intent. 


*Reminder: in order to apply, you must be an admitted, first-year student at SMU Perkins School of Theology. 

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