Baptist Studies


Concentration in Baptist Studies  

Students pursuing this Concentration will be expected to appreciate and analyze the complexity
of the Baptist tradition. It is intended that students will develop the following competencies to:

  1. Assess social, cultural, political and economic dynamics that affect Baptist congregations and
    others in the free church tradition.
  2. Frame the history of the Baptist tradition in the North American context as it impacts specific
  3. Interpret Baptist theology and the Bible for lay audiences.
  4. Model effective pastoral and spiritual leadership, advocacy and relationship building skills
    within and beyond congregational settings

Required Courses (15 credits total)

HX 7315 or CA 7315 – Baptist History and Polity
Credits: 3

TC 7315 – Theology in the Baptist and Free Church Traditions
Credits: 3

Concentration-specific courses
Credits: 9

In consultation with the professor of concentration-specific courses, students are normally required to develop assignments or a summative project which has a Baptist-specific focus. Alternatively, concentration courses may include advanced coursework in the Bible, including Biblical languages.

Additional Requirements

The Baptist Studies Concentration requires the completion of an internship in an appropriate setting identified and approved by the Intern Office and the Director of the Baptist House of Studies.

Concentration students are encouraged to participate and lead within the Baptist House of Studies.