Mark Stamm

Professor of Christian Worship

Mark Stamm




Th.D., Boston University, 1995; M.Div., Wesley Theological Seminary, 1984; B.S.Ed., Shippensburg University, 1980

Teaching Specialties

Christian worship, theology and practice of the sacraments within Methodism

Research Interests

Rites of Christian initiation, the practice of "open communion" in Methodism, theology and practice of congregational intercessions

Selected Publications

:: Sacraments and Discipleship, Understanding Baptism and the Lord's Supper in a United Methodist Context (Nashville: Discipleship Resources, 2001)

:: Let Every Soul Be Jesus’ Guest, A Theology of the Open Table (Nashville: Abingdon, 2006)

:: Extending the Table, A Guide for a Ministry of Home Communion Serving (Nashville: Discipleship Resources, 2009)

:: Devoting Ourselves to the Prayers, A Baptismal Theology for the Church's Intercessory Work (Nashville: Discipleship Resources, 2015)

:: The Meaning of Baptism in The United Methodist Church (Nashville: Discipleship Ministries, 2017)

Professional Distinctions

Ordained elder, The  United Methodist Church, North Texas Annual Conference; Abbot, Order of Saint Luke (2000-2008); Convener, Christian Initiation Seminar, North American Academy of Liturgy (2006-2009)

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