Frederick Aquino

Professor of Systematic Theology

Photo of Dr. Frederick Aquino

Office Location

Selecman 210C




Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 2000; BA, MA and MDIV, Abilene Christian University

Teaching Specialties

Systematic Theology; Philosophy of Religion; Philosophical Theology; Religious Epistemology

Research Interests

The Doctrine of Deification; John Henry Newman; Religious Epistemology, Maximus the Confessor; Philosophical Issues in Theology; Philosophy of Religion; Spiritual Perception

Selected Publications

:: “Newman and Quasi-Fideism: A Reply to Duncan Pritchard,” co-authored with Logan P. Gage, Heythrop Journal 64/5 (2023): 695-706.

:: “Newman the Fallibilist,” co-authored with Logan P. Gage, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 97/1 (2023): 29-47.

:: “Philosophical Receptions of Genesis,” in The Cambridge Companion to Genesis, ed. Bill T. Arnold (Cambridge University Press, 2022), 303-321.

:: “Towards a Broader Construal of Evidence: A Constructive Look at John Henry Newman,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 94/1 (2020): 125-139.

:: “An Educated Conscience: Perception and Reason in Newman’s Account of Conscience,” Studies in the Literary Imagination 49/2 (2018): 63-80.

:: Perceiving Things Divine: Towards a Constructive Account of Spiritual Perception, co-edited with Paul L. Gavrilyuk, Oxford University Press, 2022.

:: The Oxford Handbook of John Henry Newman, co-edited with Benjamin J. King, Oxford University Press, 2018.

:: The Oxford Handbook of the Epistemology of Theology, co-edited with William J. Abraham, Oxford University Press, 2017.

:: An Integrative Habit of Mind: John Henry Newman on the Path to Wisdom, Northern Illinois University Press, 2012.

:: Communities of Informed Judgment: Newman’s Illative Sense and Accounts of Rationality, Catholic University of America Press, 2004.

Professional Distinctions

Visiting Scholar, National Institute for Newman Studies, 2019 and 2021; Scholarly Outreach Award, 2024; Editorial Board, Newman Studies Journal; Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award, College of Biblical Studies, Abilene Christian University, 2000-2001and 2019-2020; and William M. Green Distinguished Christian Scholar Lecturer, 2023.