Requirements for Graduation

Graduation Requirements for the Doctor of Ministry

Successful completion of the D.Min. will (1) show expertise in the theology of vocation, leadership and community building in the context of ministry; (2) demonstrate superior ministerial skills in adaptive leadership and community building; (3) integrate practices of ministry based on sound theological and contextual analysis and (4) clarify vocational depth and direction grounding ministry in professional integrity and on going growth.

  1. Complete the 30 credit hours courses with a GPA of 3.0 or above within the time limit of 3 years;

    Course; Title; Terms

    DM 9380; Vocation, Leadership & Community; 1st Term, June

    DM 9370; The Person and Role of a Leader in Ministry; 1st Term, June

    DM 9369; Leadership and Vocation in Church and Community: A Theological/Historical Exploration; 2nd Term, January

    SOCI 4353/XS 7320; Models of Leadership, Social Institutions and Community Engagement; 2nd Term, January

    DM 9359; Vocation, Leadership and the Bible in Contexts; 3rd Tem, June

    DM 9350; Ecclesiology, Community and Models of Leadership; 3rd Tem, June

    DM 9347; Contextual Analysis; 4th Term, January

    DM 9309; Integrative Seminar and Strategic Planning in Contexts of Change and Transitions; 4th Term, January

    DM 9390; Directed Study; 5th Term, June

    DM 9394; Thesis Seminar; 5th Term, June

  2. Completion of the Writing Project within the time limit of one academic year after course work is completed (from fall to spring) and completion of the program within the program’s time limit of 3 years.
  3. Approval of the Writing project by advisor and second reader.

Doctor of Ministry Candidates for Graduation Instructions: Students whose theses have been approved by their advisor and second reader will contact the Perkins Registrar at for official request for the application for graduation.