D.Min. Course Inventory

Required Courses for All Doctor of Ministry Students

DM 9380:
Vocation, Leadership & Community. Using a Practical Theology framework, this course explores the theological meanings and intersections between vocation, leadership and community. Particular emphasis is given to the relationship between gospel and vocation, leadership and practices of ministry, and community and the world. 3 credits/Core Seminar

DM 9370:
The Person and Role of a Leader in Ministry (Leadership, Emotional/ Competence and Communication skills). An integrative approach that provides emotional and cultural competence assessment for personal and professional issues in ministry. Enables a clear sense of self in respect to emotional and cultural dynamics.  Equips leaders with effective communication skills to enhance practices of ministry for organizational settings. 3 credits/Core Semin

DM 9369:
Leadership and Vocation in Church and Community: A Theological/Historical Exploration. Considers themes and figures in the Christian tradition that provide students with the rich experiences of theological and ecclesial understandings of Christian vocation and leadership in context with the church and communities. 3 credits.

SOCI 4353:
Nonprofit Management and Community Leadership or XS 6320: Social Innovation: Creating World Changers or XS 7320: Models of Leadership, Social Institutions and Community Engagement. This course focuses on the characteristics and strategic planning of organizational leaders who in churches and/or non-profit organizations develop social and self-sustaining programs for congregations and communities. 3 credits

DM 9349:
Vocation, Leadership and the Bible in Contexts, examines the interpretations of selected biblical traditions that offer meanings of vocation, leadership roles and community character for contexts of ministry. 3 credits

DM 9350: Ecclesiology, Community and Models of Leadership  An examination of the contemporary and theological foundations, strategies, and manifestations of Christian ecclesiologies and ministerial vocation and leadership. Attention will be given to models of ministerial leadership at church level as well as non-parish models of response to the social environment. 3 credits

DM 9347:
Contextual Analysis. An examination of the contexts and strategies appropriate for understanding the relationships between congregations and communities. Attention also will be given to broader national and global forces operating in specific settings. Explores and equips students with tools to analyze and interpret church/community structures and situations in light of the immediate context and regional and global trends. 3 credits

DM 9309:
Integrative Seminar and Strategic Planning in Contexts of Change and Transitions, offers the students a case study approach where theological knowledge, tools for leadership, and strategic planning for community are employed for contextual analysis in order to implement desirable goals, manage organizational complexities, and provide a vision coherent with a Christian vision. 3 credits

DM 9394:
Thesis Seminar. This course provides skills and methods for quality research and writing in the field of professional degrees, particularly in the areas of religion, theology and Christian ministry. The course provides materials for expanding the field of online church and non-profit based research with academic rigor and professionalism. The course also provides an opportunity for students to integrate writing, rhetoric, and theology improving communication skills for the writing of the final project. Advisor and second reader are officially approved. 3 credits

DM 9390:
Directed Study. Encourages and focuses the student in the process of research and writing on the student’s dissertation topic. The course should be taken with the student’s advisor. 3 credits