Cost Summary

Theological Education is a Significant Investment

Perkins attracts high-achieving students who are called to ministry and seek a solid preparation to answer the call to serve. We offer financial resources to help you answer your call. Our office with you to explore scholarships, grants, loans and payment plans so that you can focus on studying and preparing to leverage your skills and education

Perkins funds are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis, so we advise you to submit your completed application as early as possible. We strongly encourage you to look for outside funding early as well, as application deadlines vary extensively.

Questions? Contact Christina Rhodes, Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management, at 214-768-3411 or

Tuition for Academic Year 2024-25

Perkins School of Theology

Per Credit Hour

Dallas Campus Graduate Program
$795 + general student fee
Hybrid Graduate Program
$795 + distance learning fee
Doctor of Ministry Program
$928 + general student fee
Doctor of Pastoral Music Program
$854 + general student fee

Course Fees

Perkins School of Theology

Per Term

Immersion Course for International Trips $1,000
Immersion Course Cancellation for International Trips $1,500

Students who register with the Global Theological Education office will be responsible for all costs incurred on their behalf should they withdraw from the course. Students will be advised before any expenses are incurred on their behalf so that they have the opportunity to withdraw their application.

General Student Fee

  • General student fee is $316 per term credit hour, $3,769 maximum, for students enrolled in Dallas courses.
  • Distance learning fee is $100 per term credit hour for students enrolled in the Hybrid Program
  • The general student fee for Doctor of Ministry Program and Doctor of Pastoral Music Program is 50% of the regular amount listed above ($158 per term credit hour, $1,900 maximum)

Note that your completed also serves as your application for financial aid, including SMU Perkins merit scholarships. Need-based grants are determined by your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Estimated Family Contribution. All students should complete the FAFSA application.

Your application for admission and financial aid is evaluated holistically. A strong series of recommendations, essay, GPA and résumé are all heavily considered as decisions are made to award scholarships and grants.

Other Resources

We encourage you to explore other financial resources early in the application process, including:

  • Your local church
  • Family contribution and support from individuals
  • General Board of Higher Education for Ministry Scholarships (GBHEM)
  • United Methodist Higher Education Foundation (UMHEF)
  • Outside scholarships and grants
  • Student loans

Questions? Contact Christina Rhodes, Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management, at 214-768-3411 or