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SMU Abroad

SMU Abroad Programs

Affiliated programs have been vetted and approved by the University.  Students who participate on these programs earn SMU Credit.

Please note that due to the current situation, we are in a state of change right now:

  1. We are not currently offering in-person abroad programs, and likely won't open applications for on-site programs until SMU lifts travel restrictions. We don’t know yet when that will be, but we will inform students as soon as we open these applications! Stay informed.
  2. Our list of abroad programs is under review. Therefore, our Abroad Advisors can share information with you about where students have gone in the past, but cannot guarantee that a certain program will be available when we offer in-person programs again.
  3. To meet students’ needs both now and during future terms, we’re also developing virtual abroad programs. We believe this will be a unique opportunity to participate in a global internship, project, or classroom while also being enrolled in regular SMU courses. We’re still looking for input from students so that the programs we develop will reflect your priorities! Please use this link to answer a few questions about what kind of virtual options would benefit you.


Students at SMU have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of interterm, summer, and semester abroad programs, including academic programs that yield University Curriculum credit, major-specific programs, internships, and guided research. These programs may be faculty-led, SMU approved affiliated, or hybrid programs.