Payment Methods

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SMU provides a secure website through which you can make electronic check (eCheck) and electronic credit card (American Express, Discover and MasterCard) payments to your SMU accounts. VISA is now accepted for payments made to the Student Account for tuition and fees and for NelNet payment plans ONLY. A different payment profile that does not use VISA can be used for payments made to the Miscellaneous Account. Payments made online will post to the student and/or miscellaneous account immediately. At the time of electronic payment, a receipt will be provided. Please visit to log into SMUpay.

Note: Make sure pop-up blocker is off. SMUpay requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 17 or newer  or Google Chrome 24 or newer with JavaScript, Cookies and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) enabled.

Credit Card Payments

Credit card (American Express, Discover and MasterCard) payments will be processed through Nelnet Business Solutions, Inc. VISA is now accepted for payments made to the Student Account for tuition and fees and for NelNet payment plans ONLY. A different payment profile that does not use VISA can be used for payments made to the Miscellaneous Account. If you choose this option, a service charge fee will be added for each transaction. The service charge fee is 2.75 percent and is subject to change with a 30-day notice.

eCheck Payments (no service charge fee)

Requirements for nonchecking accounts: For savings account routing numbers, contact your financial institution. Deposit slips may not include the correct routing number. Not all payments from brokerage/investment accounts can be made online; please check with your account representative. Checks written from credit card accounts, commonly called convenience or credit advance checks, may not allow electronic transactions. Contact your financial institution to determine whether ACH transactions are allowed.

SMU allows a matriculated undergraduate full-time (12-18 credit hours) student to prepay a minimum of two years and up to four years of tuition and general student fees at the current year rate. It covers Fall and Spring terms only.

  • Prepayment amount is due on the payment due date for Fall term; or, if the current Fall term has already been paid in full by the payment due date, the remaining terms must be fully paid by the last day of October of the current school year.

  • Scholarships and grants may not be used to reduce the prepayment amount.

  • If the student withdraws or is dismissed from SMU, the unused credit in the Parent's prepayment account will be refunded to the signatory on the Enrollment Form, after the student's account has been completely paid in full.

For information on the SMU Prepayment Plan, please contact Jennifer Gomez at 214-768-4088 or


Gift Tax Exclusion

Under the Internal Revenue Code, Section 2503(e)(2)(A), a direct transfer of funds to an educational institution such as SMU to be applied to cover the present and/or future costs of tuition for a college or university student does not count as a "gift" for federal gift tax purposes, including the $15,000 per year exclusion. Please contact your personal tax advisor for more information.

Western Union has partnered with SMU for International Wire Payments and also Domestic Wires to help replace bank wires. Payments to the student account by selecting the Link in SMUpay and completing the process with Western Union. Save on bank fees and exchange rates. Western Union is worldwide.

International Student Account Wires Only (SMU Flywire & Western Union)

SMU has partnered with Flywire to process our international student wires. This process is supposed to save you money on bank fees and exchange rates compared to processing your wire through your bank into our domestic wire account.

Student needs to Login to my.SMU.

In Student Self-Service, select Student Center.

Under Finances, select Account Summary.

Select Term Balances for the Term you would like to view under the student account.

Select SMUpay to go to the billing and payment system.

To make a payment through an International Wire on your student account, select SMU Flywire at the bottom of the screen.

Proceed with entering the information requested by . Please provide the correct Student SMUID number for the payment to be applied correctly to your student account. The payment will post to your student account within 24 hours of the payment status being updated in Flywire to delivered. Payments need to be paid far enough in advance in order to be posted to your account by the payment due date.

To view information regarding payment plans, please click here.

529 College Savings Plans and State Prepaid College Plans

Many states and financial institutions offer college savings programs that enable families to save money for a child’s college education.  Each state and financial institution has separate rules and regulations that govern how funds may be used and how they are sent to SMU.  Please contact your provider to determine how and when to request release of funds, as well as what documents you will need to support your request.

Payments should be mailed to:

Southern Methodist University
Office of the University Bursar
P.O. Box 750181
Dallas, TX  75275

Southern Methodist University
Office of the University Bursar
6185 Airline Rd., Room 300
Dallas, TX 75205

IMPORTANT:  Providers must include the student’s name and SMU ID number to ensure timely processing.  Please allow up to ten (10) business days from the date that your provider sends payment for receipt and processing by SMU.



Who at SMU do I contact to notify that payment is through a 529 plan?

There is no need to notify SMU that your payment will be made from a 529 plan. However, you are welcome to email us at and we will make a note of it in our system.

Why does it take so long for the payment to post to the student’s account?

All 529 plan payments are sent by paper check directly from the 529 provider.  Therefore, it can be several business days before the check is received in our offices.  For this reason, we recommend that you request funds from your provider as soon as possible after the student enrolls for the term.

Will I receive a late payment fee if I request the disbursement be sent before the payment due date?

In order to avoid a late payment fee, as detailed in the Student Rights and Responsibilities, the 529 payment must be received in our offices by no later than the payment due date.  Therefore, it is very important that you start the process well in advance of SMU’s payment due date.

I still have questions that were not addressed in the FAQs.  Who can I contact?

If you have further questions, please contact Amber Howell at