SMU Cox Alumni Association


Upon earning your business degree (BBA, EMBA, Full time MBA, JD/MBA, MA/MBA, PMBA, MSA, MSM, MSF, MSBA) you become a lifetime member of the dues-free SMU Cox Alumni Association.

The organization is exclusively for Cox School graduates and is international in scope. The value of a degree from The SMU Cox School of Business is due in large part to the strength of our alumni association.

A new dean, Cox/Lyle Red Zone Tailgates on the Boulevard and more are featured in the most recent alumni update.





Your SMU Cox Alumni Association Membership Card is ready!

The card identifies you as a “lifetime member” of this global association and there is no charge for membership. 

Bring your card to the Business Library for access to valuable research resources and services. Please confirm your email and mailing address by sending an email to Fran Raines at and we’ll send your card right away. Thanks for staying in touch.