International Applicants


SMU Cox is extremely proud of the diverse group of our MBA students. Within the two-year full-time MBA program, approximately 20% of the current students are of international origin and 23 countries around the world are represented. As a university, SMU boasts an internationally diverse student body with students from 96 different countries.

Students from around the world bring fresh perspectives, unique experiences and diversity in the classroom discussions. They enable cultural understanding and international business flavor in MBA life. 

SMU Cox has a strong international alumni network with presence in 30+ countries across the globe and over 40,000 members strong.  The Economist ranks our alumni network 25th in the world for global breadth and effectiveness.

International students can expect our commitment to support them even before the first day of the class. We provide continued support throughout the MBA journey to our international students to make their MBA experience truly amazing, enabling each student to reach their goals.

Current full-time two-year MBA regional representation is as follows:

Africa -- Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria

Asia -- China, India, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan

Europe -- Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom

Latin America -- Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela

The admissions committee evaluates candidates from outside the U.S. using the same criteria as U.S. students. However, we do require some additional information to expedite your application process.

Once admitted, the Cox School of Business makes every effort to ensure a smooth transition for incoming international students.  This support continues throughout your time at SMU.  A few examples:

  • International Student and Scholar Services: assistance with your visa application, workshops on relevant topics and special events for all international students attending all programs at SMU.
  • International Business Club: Committed to enhancing the professional, cultural, and social experience of the international Cox MBA Student.  
  • International Student Orientation: In August for our incoming international students in addition to the general student orientation.
  • Annual International Festival: An annual event for Cox students to showcase their cultures, cuisines, music and dress in an entertaining evening of food and festivities (photo below).  The festival is always one of the most popular events of the year!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the climate in Dallas like?
  • The city of Dallas has a humid subtropical climate, though it is located in a region that also tends to receive warm, dry winds from the north and west in the summer, bringing temperatures well over 100 °F (38 °C) at times.
    Winters are mild overall, although every winter has a few days with temperatures below freezing. Snowfall is usually seen 2–3 days out of the year for an annual average of 2 inches (5 cm).

    • What are the options for housing near campus?

    There are two options for living – on-campus and off campus. Graduate students who wish to live on-campus may request a graduate housing application and contract by contacting the SMU housing office at 214-768-2407 ( Housing for graduate students is limited.
    Reasonably priced apartments are located within a few miles of campus; however, some students rent houses, duplexes or even purchase condominiums or homes.
    Many students find that the Village Apartments are good option. It is a private apartment complex close to the SMU campus and the campus shuttle has many stops in and near the complex.  Upon being accepted into SMU Cox, you will receive a Dallas resource guide designed to help you with your move and transition to Dallas!

    • What is the food like on campus and around campus?

    There are multiple options available for food for international students, both on-campus and off-campus. For on-campus options visit Campus Dish. Off of campus, Dallas has many places and good taste for most of the international cuisines. There are many Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, African, European restaurants around SMU and Dallas.
    If you plan to cook, grocery shopping is nearby and the SMU shuttle takes you to Central Market, Tom Thumb and Kroger which are all popular local grocery stores.
    DART public transportation is available from the Village Apartments to Walmart and Tom Thumb is less than a mile away. There are many ethnic grocery stores for Asian Groceries, European Groceries, Latin groceries, Middle Eastern grocers and many Indian stores available in a few miles of radius from SMU and the Village Apartments. Also, there are tiffin services and home delivery food services available.

    • How does the Career Management Center work with International Students?

    International students at SMU Cox have the same access to services provided by the CMC as all Full-Time MBA students to help you prepare for your job search, interviewing and negotiating your offer. Apart from open events available to every student, international students have additional networking and job opportunities through International Student Roundtable, CPT/OPT concession session, H1B counseling session, International Career Fair etc.

    • Can International Students work on campus?

    Yes, SMU Cox International Students are eligible for on-campus employment. In recent years, international students have worked on-campus as Research Assistants to professors, Teaching Assistants, Leadership Coaching within Engineering School, Admissions Team assistants, Career management center coaches, and other administrative roles.