Esports Business Management

Press start on your career in esports management

Program Fast Facts

  • Start date: May 1, 2024
  • Self-paced
  • Online
  • $1,249 Tuition

Course Topics

Understand the history of esports and current trends:

  • New media business models
  • Connections between traditional sports management and esports
  • Esports terminology and definitions
  • The culture of esports
  • The evolving network of relationships and stakeholders in the esports industry


Build relationships with sponsors:

  • The unique value proposition that esports provides to sponsors and brands
  • Business development strategy and execution
  • Research and prospecting potential sponsors
  • Best practices for sponsorship proposals and presentations


Learn about the publishers, streamers and users in the esports industry:

  • Sports media rights and dynamics
  • Types of streamers
  • Emerging streaming platforms
  • Disclosure liability laws


Learn how to use data to develop engagement and marketing strategies:

  • Challenges and nuances of a globally dispersed market
  • Fan personas across different games, teams and platforms
  • Community cultivation on different platforms
  • Development and implementation components
  • Leveraging influencers, power users and content creators


Study the components of tournament design and organization:

  • LAN vs online tournaments
  • Variations in tournament design and organization
  • Viewer and fan experiences
  • Successful event timelines
  • Project management for esports events


Discover how to support players and maximize their athletic performance:

  • Roles and organizational structures of professional esports teams
  • Common challenges to managing esports teams
  • Geographically-dispersed teams
  • Working with influencers