Esports Business Management

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Program Fast Facts

  • Start date: May 1, 2024
  • Self-paced
  • Online
  • $1,249 Tuition

Curriculum Developers

Instructor Donald Boyce

Donald Boyce
Esports Ecosystem and Business Models

Donald Boyce has held executive roles in gaming and esports with top teams including Team Liquid, TSM and Cloud9 over the last ten years. He currently is the Head of Business Development at G2 Esports. He has helped more than 40 brands activate in esports, built programs to encourage more direct monetization of fans, and managed more than $200 million in gaming and esports brand partnerships. He also co-founded a short-form content studio called Storyline that works with teams and game publishers/developers to create social content for their channels. He earned a Master of Arts in Philosophy from Loyola Marymount University and a Master of Philosophy from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

Students will receive feedback on any submitted assignments from Don.

David Chen
Business Development and Revenue Strategies
Tournament Design and Management

David Chen is the President and Founder of GTIF Capital and the North American Collegiate League (NACL), and is partnered with several major businesses in the Esports and Technology sectors. As President of the NACL, David created a strategic partnership with Fosun to bring Wolves Esports into the NACL. David has worked with Planters Peanuts on their recent Super Bowl commercial with Kai Green. He has also worked with FaZe Clan members Apex and Adapt, Charlie Sheen and Aaron Rodriguez. David sits on several boards including Mediabundance as the Head of Esports and FaZe Clan. David has been a featured esports speaker at multiple universities including UH and SMU.

Josh Gabay
Fan Engagement and Sponsorship Activation

Josh Gabay is a Partnerships Associate at Pixly, a digital influencer agency for brands, and the Founder of Jox Digital, an online newsletter dedicated to sharing stories and video game knowledge by casual gamers. Prior to his current works, Josh worked as Esports Manager at Abacus3, an esports startup ranging from event production to sponsorship activations, as well as co-founded the esports and casual gaming organization called Duke Gaming at his alma mater Duke University. Featured as a guest speaker in several university classes, Josh is looking forward to connecting esports leaders with fans of their favorite brands.

Danny Martin
Esports Team Organization, Management & Recruitment

Danny Martin is a visionary and thought-leader in the esports industry. As the Co-founder of Esposure Inc., he has aided in the professional development of students, interns, and post-graduates. These students have received esports scholarships and employment from acclaimed universities and esports organizations like Central Methodist University, Complexity Gaming, Pacers Gaming, and Mavs Gaming. Furthermore, he has provided opportunities for many esports players to play with professional franchises. Danny's passion for helping others has allowed him to speak at several high schools and universities, on panels in front of thousands of individuals. In his pursuit of connecting everyone to esports, he maintains relationships with the NBA, NFL, & music industry. Danny is always ready to talk about esports and is on a mission of helping 20,000 esports enthusiasts by 2025.

Jaden Shaw
Content and Community Engagement

Jaden Shaw is the Director and Co-Founder of College CoD, the premier destination for Call of Duty competition at the collegiate level, as well as ticketing operations coordinator of the Overwatch League’s Washington Justice. Jaden has over four years of experience working in esports in a variety of different positions. Jaden also founded the collegiate esports program at Liberty University. Here, he grew a group of five people into an officially recognized campus organization of more than 120 students competing in over 10 different esports titles. With both College CoD and Liberty Esports, Jaden focused on creating friendly and competitive environments for students as well as the lives of students. It is a top priority to him to have a personal relationship with students to help guide them to a future in esports.