Office of Risk Management


In the event of a campus emergency, it is vital that SMU students, faculty and staff know what to do. Common sense, opportunity, and personal experience all play a part in responding to emergencies. But whether the threat is fire, a weather emergency or an active shooter, preparation for the following three critical responses will be applicable in most emergency situations.

  • Possible scenarios: Active shooter, armed intruder (knife/other weapon), police action
  • You may have to react to a swiftly changing incident.
  • Your best response may be a combination of actions: to evacuate the area, shelter to avoid danger, and/or using self-defense
    SMU shares the “run, hide, fight” protocol endorsed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
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  • Possible scenarios: fire, gas leak, explosion, bomb threat
  • Evacuation requires an orderly, safe exit from affected buildings or facilities
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Seek Shelter
  • Possible scenarios: a tornado or severe weather warning, an outdoor hazardous material release/leak
  • Severe weather is common in North Texas, particularly in the spring. Requires moving to a safer location indoors to minimize impact
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