International Travel Accident

SMU provides supplemental, accident-only policies to its students, faculty, and staff who travel outside of the United States on an SMU-sponsored trip. This coverage is not available for dependents or family members. The policy purchased by SMU does not negate the need for all participants to carry personal health insurance, but is intended to react in emergent, unforeseen circumstances.

SMU contracts with International SOS (ISOS), an international emergency assistance provider, to facilitate access to its international accident-only policy. As part of SMU's international travel registration process, you will be issued an ISOS card that will act as an insurance card. ISOS can assist you with the following:

  • Locating an appropriate medical provider;
  • Filing a claim with SMU's travel accident-only policy;
  • Monitoring your medical situation;
  • Emergency medical evacuation;
  • Emergency security evacuation and repatriation;
  • Emergency medical payments by fronting cash for any covered or non-covered medical procedures; and
  • Other additional services.

Should you be traveling with individuals who are not SMU students, faculty, or staff, including dependents, you may be interested in purchasing similar coverages on your own. Please contact ORM at 214-768-2083 for more information.