Ergonomics is the science of fitting the work environment to the employee. Ergonomic assessments and trainings are designed to analyze and evaluate an employee’s workspace, equipment, body mechanics, posture, and work flow to promote a more efficient, productive worker and increase workplace comfort.

Computer Workstation and Office Environment Self-Assessment

There are many ways that you can adjust your work station and office environment to improve your comfort. This booklet, courtesy of The Hartford, is designed to help you use some basic guidelines and techniques to assess and enhance your work routine. Adjusting your workstation, sitting with good posture, taking short scheduled rest periods, alternating tasks, and doing simple exercises can make a significant difference in the way you feel.

Another great resource is the OSHA Computer Workstations eTool. This checklist can guide you through an ergonomics self-assessment.

You may also be interested in standing workstation. These workstations can be a great alternative to sitting all day, but they can introduce a new set of ergonomic challenges. If you'd like to learn more, the Mayo Clinic offers useful information about Standing Workstation Ergonomics.

As you and your department consider the purchase of new office equipment and furniture, we suggest that you consult the guidelines above to assist in the procurement of ergonomically recommended products, taking into account your individual needs. Please note that if you choose to purchase any equipment as a result of reviewing these materials, the cost will be the responsibility of your department.

SafetySkills Training

In addition, we offer a quick online training that will help you learn more about office ergonomics and safe lifting techniques. Please visit the Training Calendar and Registration Form for more information.

Assessment Request

If you’ve studied these resources, made the recommended adjustments, and you still feel uncomfortable, please let us know below. We will schedule an in-person ergonomic assessment. Please note that if you choose to purchase any equipment as a result of your assessment, the cost will be the responsibility of your department. In addition, the Office of Institutional Access & Equity can assist in the purchase of equipment for employees with a disability if you request a reasonable accommodation and provide the required accommodation forms, including medical information and recommendations for accommodations from your doctor.