How To Report a Crime

There are several ways to report a crime on campus. You can contact the SMU PD directly and request an officer or you can use the “Silent Witness” program if you wish to remain anonymous.

  1. If your situation requires an immediate police or medical response, call 911 immediately.
  2. If you would like to report a crime and speak with an officer;
    1. Call SMU PD Communications at (214) 768-3388 for non-emergency reports
    2. If the crime is in progress call 911 (from a cell phone call (214-768-3333 to reach SMU PD 911).
    3. The Communications Officer will obtain brief information such as your name, address and a phone number where you can be reached.
    4. When you call SMU PD, an officer will be sent to meet with you to take a report.
    5. Calls for service are generally dispatched to an officer as they are received; however calls are prioritized by the urgency of the situation. Because of this prioritization, on rare occasions you may have to wait several minutes for an officer to be available to take your report.
  3. The Silent Witness Anonymous Reporting Program provides SMU community members and others with a way to report suspicious or criminal activity while remaining anonymous. Anonymous tips may be provided in two different formats. A person may call 214-SMU-2TIP (214-768-2847) to provide information anonymously via a voice-recorded phone line. This phone line is not answered, and the caller’s number is not received or traced. Information may also be provided online at by completing an online form, which is sent via untraceable email, directly to the SMU Police Department. By calling the 2TIP phone line or utilizing the 2TIP webpage and providing information on suspicious or criminal activity, individuals may assist police in protecting the campus while maintaining their anonymity
  4. If your situation requires an immediate response, do not submit the Silent Witness form. Call the SMU Police directly at 214-768-3333 or dial 911 for emergency situations.