Crime Prevention

The SMU Police Department Crime Prevention Program is a Community based program that was designed for the faculty, staff and students of SMU. It is based on the concept of the neighborhood crime watch program, and it has been structured to accommodate the needs and requirements of our campus community, as well as the guests and visitors to our campus. The four primary goals of this program:

  • To increase awareness throughout the campus community and adjoining neighborhoods
  • To prevent criminal activity before it happens, or reduce its frequency
  • To encourage each member of the community to take an active role in their personal safety and property protection
  • To Increase the instances of community members quickly calling police and reporting criminal activities.

The SMU Police Department has made crime prevention a way of life on the SMU Campus. Our purpose is to provide a secure environment in our community, without disrupting the educational process. We will carry out this purpose with professionalism, fairness, and integrity.

To Contact SMU Police Call 214-768-3333 or 9-1-1 from a Campus phone.

Avoid, Deny, Defend

The Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) course, designed and built on the Avoid Deny Defend™ strategy developed by ALERRT™ provides strategies, guidance and a proven plan for surviving an active shooter event. 

See Something, Say Something

For more information on the “See Something, Say Something” program, click here.

Crime Prevention Services

  • Crime Prevention assessment of your workplace or classroom
  • Review and analyze office area for installation of a panic alarm
  • Assistance in safety/security planning for an event

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