Authority and Jurisdiction

Under Texas Law, SMU Police officers have authority and responsibility to investigate all crimes occurring on the property owned and controlled by the University. SMUPD is empowered by the state to stop vehicles, make arrests and enforce all laws.

Any criminal violation against the University will be processed through the university judicial system and also may result in arrest and/or referral for prosecution in the state or federal criminal justice system.

SMU is a private institution and only peace officers, trained security officers, and other governmental agents may carry a firearm on the campus. All other persons are prohibited from possessing weapons on University property.

The SMU Police department consists of 40 personnel, 30 of whom are commissioned peace officers, and 10 licensed communication officers.

The department is responsible for patrolling:

  • Main campus, 131 buildings on 234 acres, Five miles north of Downtown Dallas
  • George W. Bush Presidential Center, 23 acres
  • East campus, 15 acres east of U.S. Highway 75

Municipal Law Enforcement Jurisdiction

The SMU Campus borders the cities of University Park, Highland Park, and the city of Dallas. Through interagency agreements the Police and Fire departments within those cities have concurrent jurisdiction and provide assistance if requested.