Page titles

What are page titles?

Page titles are immensely important for SEO and web accessibility. Page titles describe your page at a high level and appear in search engine listings.

You are required to enter a page title (heading 1) when setting up pages in Sitecore. You may only have one page title (heading 1) per page.

Best practices

  • Be brief yet descriptive. Use keywords relevant to your content.
  • Use the text field provided in Sitecore to add the page title. Never use an image (PNG, SVG, etc.) to replace a page title.
  • Don't add the name of your department to the end of your page title. This information will automatically be appended as a site tagline (link) to each page title by Sitecore.
  • Use title case. In general, words with four letters are more are capitalized; minor words with three letters or fewer are lowercase. Do not use sentence case, and do not use all caps.

Browser and meta titles

By default, search engines will display the page title you enter into Sitecore. You may override this functionality if needed by using the Browser Title field or the Meta title field. (link).