Residential College Symposium

2nd Annual Residential College Symposium

RCS LogoThe Residential College Symposium (RCS) is a forum for focused dialogue by faculty, staff, and students who are dedicated to the student experience and learning enterprise offered by the residential college model.

At the second annual RCS, Southern Methodist University will continue this tradition by serving as the venue for plenary speakers, showcases, presenting relevant research, and sharing best practices. The 2015 RCS will be focusing on five foundational areas of a residential college model: Academic Foundations, Assessment and Evaluation, Collaborative Partnerships, Spaces for learning, and Student Leadership.

Attending 2015 Institutions:

Baylor University
Bridgewater College
Cornell University
Elon University
Michigan State University
Morehouse College
Murray State University
Purdue University
Southern Methodist University
The University of Oklahoma
Tulane University
University of Macau
University of Miami
University of Pennsylvania
University of South Carolina
University of Southern California
Vanderbilt University
Virginia Tech
Washington University in St. Louis