Residence Life & Student Housing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an on-campus housing requirement?

Beginning in the Fall of 2013, incoming first-year students are required to live on campus for their first two years at SMU. Exceptions to the live-on requirement may be requested for students from Dallas who will be living at home with a parent or guardian in the primary residence of the parent/guardian.

Is on-campus housing guaranteed?

Housing is guaranteed only for students who are required to live on-campus. For other students, housing is not guaranteed until a hall assignment is made.

How do I apply for housing?

New first-year and transfer students may apply for housing after being admitted to SMU and paying the admission deposit to Undergraduate Admissions. (The $100 non-refundable, advance housing deposit is included in the admission deposit.) The housing application and license agreement are on-line and instructions are sent to students after the deposit is processed.

Returning resident will reapply for housing in the Spring semester. Complete information is sent to residents in January. Students not currently living on-campus may inquire at the RLSH central office in Boaz regarding the application process.

How are housing assignments made?

Incoming students will be distributed to an RC and will live in their RC for two years. Each RC will house students from across campus representing all SMU colleges and schools. Specific RCs cannot be requested.

Can I choose my roommate? How about suitemates?

 Students are able to request a specific roommate. Roommate requests must be mutual to be granted. Deadline for requests is June 1. Requests without an ID number cannot be processed. Requests received after June 1 are not guaranteed.

Incoming new students may not request suitemates. Residents who live in suite style buildings and are returning for the next academic year may sign up with suitemates during the reapplication process held in March.

Can I request a single room?

You may request a single room when applying for housing. There are usually only a few single rooms available for new residents.

Is there housing for transfer students?

Transfer students who are under 20 years of age when they begin at SMU are required to live on-campus for their first year, and are guaranteed housing the first year. 

What is the Residential Commons?

The Residential Commons (RC) model is an academic living-learning concept that has its roots in the residential college system of Oxford University and Cambridge University in England. American universities (including Harvard, Duke and Vanderbilt) have developed similar models. It also refers to what we call the residence halls at SMU. The Residential Commons at SMU will be unique to our campus. Students live in their RC for two years and call their RC “home” for their college career, even after moving off-campus. SMU is committed to making the RC experience a lifelong influence.

The RC model is designed to create an academically-engaged residential community that promotes faculty/student interaction and a sense of belonging. The success of popular programs such as the Hilltop Scholars and the New Century Scholars programs has prompted SMU to provide all students with the opportunity to be engaged academically in a residential community.

What kind of computer do I need to connect to the SMU network?

Both Macs and PCs will work on the SMU network, but there are specific software and hardware requirements. See the Office of Information Technology web site for more information.

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