Office of External Programs

We strive to offer creative learning and research opportunities from the southwestern region to the global community and the Church universal, so that participants will be refreshed and equipped for their lifelong spiritual journey.


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Office of External Programs

At Perkins School of Theology, the gifts and fruits and labor of theological study and teaching are available not only to those enrolled in regular courses, but also to others throughout the church and wider community.

We strive to offer you creative learning and research opportunities from the southwestern region to the global community and the Church universal, so that you will be refreshed and equipped for your lifelong spiritual journey.



External Programs to Strengthen Your Vocation

Courses and Certificates

Our courses and certificates in Practical Ministry is a continuing education track designed for persons looking for specialized training in relevant, applicable and practical knowledge that informs and empowers their life-long spiritual journey and ministry. 

These courses are great for any students looking to expand and enhance their education related to ministry, both within and without the walls of the church. Explore the courses:

We also offer specialized course tracks (two courses in each topic):

  • Adult Discipleship

  • Christian Spirituality (in partnership with the Certificate in Spiritual Direction program)

  • Church Leadership

  • Disability Theology & Ministry

  • Evangelism

  • Interim Ministry (in partnership with Transitional Intentional Interim Ministry Specialist Association of The UMC)

  • Ministry with Children

  • Ministry with Youth

  • Ministry with Young Adults

  • Faith Formation (dual certification)

  • Social Innovation (in partnership with the Oikos Institute's FISHing Differently program)

Perkins offers a solution to our longing for wisdom that we intuitively sense the need for mentors in the Christian life. The formal name for that process is spiritual direction, and those who consciously prepare for the task are called spiritual directors. Discover our certificate in spiritual direction.

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Annual Gatherings

Each year, church and community leaders benefit from Perkins’ programs. Learn about some of our gatherings and decide if you may like to join us:



Centers and Grant Initiatives

Perkins houses several centers for theological research and education in service to the church, including: