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Adaptive Leadership

Course Description

The pace of change in our world is accelerating and the need for leaders who are skilled, resilient and fluid is greater than ever. This course in Adaptive Leadership will explore the fundamentals of adaptive leadership, provide a spiritual foundation to thrive and equip the student to lead in their context. This course is taught in a hybrid model with a three-day intensive and several monthly virtual sessions. 

This course is great for anyone involved in church ministry, is an option for the 3rd required core course for a certificate, and is available in 3-day hybrid intensives and online.

Developmental Stages

Course Description

This course will focus on life span development, learning styles, and best practices for teaching children and youth. We want to give participants practical tools that help them understand both where those they minister to have developmentally been and where they are going, in order to most effectively lead and partner with parents in faith formation.

This course is great for people passionate about ministry with children and youth, from birth through high school and is available in 4-day in-person and virtual intensives. 

Engaging Theology

Course Description

In this course, students will explore theological foundations for the Christian faith and Christian ministry. Students will encounter a diverse body of theology, empowering them as theologians to engage theology both charitably and critically and equipping them to teach Christian doctrine by communicating the content and meaning of our faith and heritage to others. Students will be given the opportunity to discuss, reflect on, and apply theological doctrines to the socio-cultural and faith issues in the lives of persons in their ministry context and practice applying these skills likewise.

This course is great for anyone involved in all levels of church ministry, is one of three required core courses for a certificate, and is available in 4-day in-person and online intensives.

Disability Theology and Ministry

Course Description

This course is great for anyone involved in disability or special needs ministries in or related to the church, or people who have an interest in developing an understanding of the intersection of disability and the church and is available in 4-day in-person and online intensives.

Family Systems

Course Description

This course is great for everyone, regardless of their ministry context or experience, is required for certificates in young adult or adult ministry, and is available in 4-day in-person intensives.

Engaging the Bible

Course Description

A consideration of pedagogical methods for the church as it encounters the biblical message of the Old and New Testaments with special emphasis on understanding theological implications. 

This course is great for anyone involved in any level of ministry, is one of three required for a certificate, and is available in 4-day in-person or online intensives. 

Interim Ministry (TIIMSA)

Course Description

This course is taught as a cohort in partnership with TIIMSA. It is designed to help pastors and congregations deal with the stresses of our culture in this time of uncertainty. While this training is specifically designed for those entering an interim situation (death of pastor, long pastorate, pastor leaving ministry, etc.), the training will help you deal with the everyday struggles you will find in any ministry setting. Congregations are hurting and TIIMS training is like a prescription for healing.

Transitional Intentional Interim Specialist Training is a three-phase experience spanning six months of time. Phase I is a three-day introduction to the concepts and principles of Interim Ministry where tools and techniques for this specialized ministry are presented. Phase II is a time in one’s ministry setting using some of the tools and principles learned in Phase I while being coached by a leader with whom they worked in Phase I. Phase III is a re-gathering of the group to further integrate the experiences of Phase II guided by the case studies written during Phase II. Through this training you will learn how to integrate your proven pastoral skill set with the dynamic strategies of interim ministry. You will be equipped to provide pastoral leadership in new and effective ways for congregations with special transitional needs.

While it is designed for clergy, it is also available to lay leadership who are interested in learning how to help lead their congregations through liminal and transitional times. Combined with the appropriate core courses, the TIIMSA training counts toward a certificate in Interim Ministry. Contact our office for more information. 

Ministry with Youth

Course Description

This course is great for those passionate about ministry with youth, grades 6-12, and is available in 4-day in-person intensives.

Social Innovation (OIKOS)

Course Description

This course is taught as a cohort in partnership with Oikos Institute. This program aims to increase the creative potential and economic vitality of participating congregations and identify new ways of utilizing their assets to more intentionally embrace their call to discipleship as agents of social impact in their community. The 2-year program will engage 10-12 congregational teams in seminars, workshops, peer learning and mentoring groups. The content will provide a basis of financial competency, rooted in theological commitment toward creativity and imagination. Congregational teams will apply their learnings in an experimental initiative that demonstrates their vocational identity, serves the community, and enhances their congregation’s economic vitality.  
Participating congregations that identify a viable social impact real estate development project will be eligible to apply for pre-development loans with attractive terms from lenders committed to community-led social impact in communities of color.  
This cohort program requires an application and acceptance into the program based on Oikos' standards. Qualifying participants will receive a certificate in Social Innovation at the completion of the 2-year program.


UM Studies

Course Description

The United Methodist Studies course will provide a one-stop shop introduction to Methodist history, theology and polity in a hybrid format (synchronous and asynchronous assignments) in order to deepen students’ understanding of and appreciation for Methodism today. The course may include a study of the General Rules, Social Principles, The Book of Discipline, or historical issues in UMC polity. Enrolled students will be assigned work outside of the classroom via books, articles and videos. 

This course is great for anyone in ministry in a United Methodist congregation, is an option for the 3rd required course for a certificate, and is required for all students seeking certification in The United Methodist Church through their Board of Ordained Ministry and GBHEM.