Mandatory Health Insurance Requirements

The mandatory health insurance policy requires students to maintain insurance coverage while enrolled for classes. Basically, the requirement is that any domestic student who is enrolled for a Fall or Spring term in 9 or more hours must have health insurance coverage – either through a personal / family policy or by electing the University offered plan online through my.SMU. All international students who are enrolled for a Fall or Spring term in 1 or more credit hours must elect the University offered plan also online in my.SMU unless they have a special waiver personally granted by the Health Center staff. For more information on International Students “Waiver” requirements, visit the Health Center page for International Students.

After students have enrolled for the term, the “Health Insurance” button will appear in their Student Center in my.SMU. Clicking on this button will start the process by which students will be able to either Elect OR Waive the Student Health Insurance Plan. Students who do not Elect or Waive by deadline will have the Student Health Insurance Plan automatically requested for them and their student account will be billed the premium. For help, please visit Student Instructions on how to Elect and/or Waive. Changes to selections are only permitted within 30 days from the first day of class and can only be done by contacting the Health Center. However, Students can view their health insurance information in their my.SMU Student Center anytime after they make their selection. For more detailed information, including a Frequently Asked Page, please visit the Student Health Insurance Homepage.