The SMU Bursar's Office helps students and families achieve financial resolutions, and answers questions about student finances, paying bills, and more!

Important Announcements

We are pleased to announce that SMU and Nelnet Campus Commerce have partnered on your behalf to provide a variety of payment plan options.  The payment plans allow you to pay your Student Account charges in monthly installments and are available for Fall, Spring and Summer Terms.  The plans are not available for Jan, May, and August Terms.  Please refer to the payment plan website for detailed enrollment information. 

  • The Summer two month payment plan began on May 17 with an enrollment deadline of June 15. 
  • Enrollment into a Fall or Annual payment plan will begin on June 11.    

In order to avoid a SMU late payment fee of up to 3% of the unpaid balance, please consider one of the below payment options or make full payment directly to SMU by the SMU payment due dateIf you enroll after the first installment is due, a down payment will be required upon enrollment.