Jaxson Haug

Graduate Student



Email: jhaug@smu.edu


Fall 2020 Contact Information

BA Criminal Justice, California State University, Chico
BA Anthropology, California State University, Chico
MA Biological Anthropology, California State University, Los Angeles

Jaxson is a medical anthropology PhD student with a primary background in forensic anthropology. His master's thesis was focused on positive forensic identification of transgender women using skeletal markers from facial feminization surgery. He has worked as a forensic intern for the Clark County Office of the Coroner and Medical Examiner in Las Vegas, NV from 2013-2015 and as a forensic anthropology intern at the Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner and Coroner under Drs. Elizabeth Miller and Vicky Wedel from 2017-2020. He was an instructor and osteologist for the Slavia Foundation Mortuary Archaeology Field School in Drawsko, Poland in 2017. Jaxson has also worked as a research assistant under Dr. Joyce Parga at CSULA's Primate Genetics Lab.

Jaxson's research interests include: ethics of forensic anthropology, sex and gender identification within forensic anthropology, genetic anthropology, skeletal trauma, intersectional violence, transgender studies, and gender theory.

Entered program in 2020

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