Hunt Leadership Scholars Program

The Nancy Ann and Ray L. Hunt Leadership Scholars Program allows students to combine learning and leadership. It enables outstanding student leaders from all walks of life to come to SMU - students whose leadership gifts will have a significant impact on our SMU community and, eventually, on the quality of our society.

Hunt Scholars have unique opportunities to learn from distinguished leaders


Ray L. Hunt

"As time passes and you look back upon the years that you spent on this campus, you will find that, while you were here, you developed some of your closest enduring friendships, realized some of the more important truths that subsequently fashioned your life, and refined many of the skills which, hopefully, will allow you to compete successfully in the rapidly changing world in which you will live."

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An Incredible Network of People

“My fellow Hunt scholars have connected me to amazing leadership opportunities that I otherwise could not have gotten!”

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Hunt Leadership Scholars Program

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