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Alumni of the Hunt Leadership Scholars Program continue to act and develop as leaders long after their graduation from SMU.  We bring this spectacular group of individuals together a couple of times per year, whether for social events, service opportunities, or to connect with current Scholars and prospective students.

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Hear from Alumni

Piper Holden, Hunt Scholar, Class of 2023

Immense Opportunities

"The Hunt Scholars Program has not only helped grow my leadership skills by working alongside students with the same passion for leadership as I have but also has provided me with immense opportunities. Through the Hunt Scholars Program, I have been able to attend the Tate Lecture Series as well as various dinners and lecture events across the Dallas area. These events are truly invaluable and some of my favorite moments of my SMU experience."

Piper Holden, Class of 2023

large group of students smiling and posing for a photo

Inspire Others

"To effectively lead, it doesn't matter so much what you do or accomplish, rather what you inspire those around you to do. That is the measuring stick with which leadership is measured. But to do so- to truly inspire those around you- you must be able to see the potential in people and truly understand their individual capacities."

Vafa Behzadpour, Class of 2017

An Incredible Network of People

“Being a Hunt scholar has provided me with a community of like-minded individuals and the best of friends. The community of Hunt scholars is an incredible network of people, all helping each other to reach our goals. My fellow Hunt scholars have connected me to amazing leadership opportunities that I otherwise could not have gotten!"

Victoria Sullivan, Class of 2023

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20th Anniversary Celebration

On Thursday, April 10, 2014, Hunt Leadership Scholars from the past 20 years gathered to celebrate the legacy of Mr. and Mrs. Hunt and the Program itself. Alumni returned to campus in conjunction with Founders’ Day to reunite with one another and interact with current Hunt Leadership Scholars. This video was created to chronicle the Program’s 20 year history and celebrate successes past, present, and future.