Need additional help?


Writing Support is offered in several places on campus beside the Writing Center. Here are a few places where you might find additional assistance.


Peer Writing Tutors at the A-LEC

The A-LEC offers drop-in peer-to-peer tutoring in a variety of subjects, including writing. Check the A-LEC Tutoring Schedule to see when you may meet with a writing tutor. You may also reach out to the A-LEC in the early part of the semester if the A-LEC Tutoring Schedule has not yet been updated. The A-LEC Tutoring Center. is open evenings and Sundays, and may be able to assist you if the Writing Center is closed.

Phone: 214-768-3648



Dedman College ESL Program

The ESL Program at SMU is designed to assist non-native English speaking students to succeed at the University level. In addition to working with the Writing Center's ESL specialist, ESL students may reach out to the Dedman College ESL program. for additional help with developing their speaking and writing in English.

  • ESL courses focus on various aspects of advanced-level oral/aural classroom interaction, grammar, and writing skills, and they also explore culture, customs, and skills for multicultural university classes. Courses are offered online as well.

  • Online workshops are designed to support international students and scholars, and other non-native speakers, with polishing oral communication and writing skills.

  • One-on-one consultations allow ESL students to get professional consultation from ESL experts.Links to an external site.

For further details, please reach out via email to


Perkins Theological Writing Center

  • The Theological Writing Center is a supportive and encouraging place for collaboration between writer and writing tutor. They offer writing support to all students of Perkins School of Theology at any stage of your writing project.

  • Tutors are reference librarians and graduate students trained in helping you to improve your writing.

  • Appointments are 30-minute one-on-one consultations online or in person. Students may schedule an appointment Links to an external site. for assistance with Religious Studies classes.


The Writing Center at A-LEC Canvas Course

Our online resources provide concise instruction on a variety of writing skills, tasks, and processes. Writing Center faculty or Research Librarians often integrate these resources into consulting sessions, but you can use them independently to get a quick handle on the topic of your choice. These resources are available to undergraduates and are accessible in the Writing Center at A-LEC Canvas Course.