One-on-One Consultation

ESL One-One ESL Online Consultation

Are you preparing for an academic presentation or working on an academic paper and need to revise or refine your work? You can get professional consultation from ESL experts.

Speaking Coach

Linda Evans, Lecturer of ESL, is offering individual assistance (via Zoom) with American English pronunciation for international students/scholars in all majors and departments of SMU.  Tutorials are 20 minutes and first come first served upon appointment.  Sessions may also include practice and feedback on oral presentations and other needs.  Please bring specific questions or materials! 

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Writing Counselor

William Osborne, Lecturer of ESL, is offering one-to-one writing consultation via Zoom. Each consultation is 40 minutes long, and the session will focus on helping with academic writing styles, organization, information flow, citation, formality, etc. Prior to the session, you should upload your academic paper.


  • The writing tutor won’t edit/proofread your writing work directly.

  • Due to the time limit, the tutor may not review more than 15 pages in a session.

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